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A Guide To Moving Office in Doncaster

The first thing you need to do when you are moving office is to choose a new location. Ensure you have plenty of time to find the right office that is going to suit all of yours and your business needs, it is also important to set a deadline or the search could go on for a while! While you are doing this there are a few things you need to be asking yourself:

  • Is the new office space your looking at big enough for you and your current employees and does it have enough room for further expansion in the future?
  • What security measures are in place and what’s the area like where the office is located as this can all effect your insurance premiums.
  • Check what transport links are like, are the close enough to the office for employees to get there easily? Also, what parking is available for staff and customers?
  • Check the relevant facilities are available, plug sockets, male and female toilets, use of a kitchen, heating, air con etc.

Whatever the priorities are for your new office you need to ensure that you negotiate the terms of your lease to suit them and the best way to do this usually involves seeking legal advice. A flexible lease is ideal if you’re a start-up business however if you want a non-flexible lease then this will almost certainly take longer to negotiate.

Plan Your Project
There can never be too much planning, if there is a plan in place for every possible outcome then there is going to be no nasty surprises and the office move will go a lot smoother. Planning not only helps the move go smoothly it also helps save time and in the world of business time is money!

Make an Office Move Checklist
6 Weeks Until Office Move:

  • Measure your new office space so you know what you have to work with in terms of design, furniture and layout.

4 Weeks Until Office Move:

  • Arrange a security survey if it is not included in the management of your new office.
  • Ask furniture suppliers for design and space saving tips.
  • If you are ordering new furniture for your new office, ensure it will arrive a week before the move.
  •  Get Quotes from removals companies.
  • Get phone lines connected and any IT support you may need in place.

Three Weeks To Office Move:

  • Ensure any existing suppliers such as utilities, deliveries and other such things are either cancel or transferred ready for your moving date.
  • Order all new stationary with the new business address and inform anyone that needs to know of the office move and new address.

Two Weeks To Office Move:

  • Arranger for phone lines and broadband are put in while the office is still empty.
  • If you cannot transfer your existing numbers, get a call forwarding service set up.
  • Get mail redirected to the new office address until all address change notifications have been made.
  • Ensure kitchen and bathroom facilities are all in good working order.
  • If there are any delays between your moving out and moving in date arrange for storage of equipment, desks and other office furniture and supplies.

One Week To Office Move:

  • Get packing supplies such as boxes and tape, some removals companies like us here at MooveIt Removals can supply such packing materials, we also offer a packing service to allow you and your staff to carry on working as long as possible.
  • Any large furniture in storage should be set up so it can be used straight away.
  • Make sure all furniture deliveries have arrived and arrange for your movers to get it all set up.
  • Get cleaners in to clean the office before you leave so it is left in good condition for your landlord.

Office Moving Day:

  • This can be an incredibly stressful and sometimes nerve-racking day however if you follow the advice in this guide then everything should run smoothly. And you can just take a step back and leave it in the hands of your removals company.

By using the services of MooveIt Removals for an office move there will be no stress, we provide packing supplies and a packing service, we will set up and build furniture at the new office as well as safely moving all supplies and equipment from the old office.
If your moving office and need a reliable removals service contact MooveIt Removals today – 01302 891295