Home Declutter Moving Tips

Are you getting ready and excited to be moving to your new home? Here are some excellent before moving home tips aimed at helping you to prepare for your move. Here is how to get prepared to declutter your home before you move which will help your move go smoothly.

We all collect stuff throughout the years and moving home is the perfect time to get rid of some of that stuff we no longer need. Decluttering before you move will not only make you feel better in yourself, it will save you money on the cost of your move because you will have less to pack. The fewer the boxes that need to be moved the more energy you will have and more money in your pocket.

A new home feels like a brand new fresh start. It is a time to begin again and leave all the past behind. It is a time to move into a space where you only have the things that you love and cherish around you.

Decluttering is liberating and we feel freedom when we let go of the extra clutter in our lives. So, if you have been surrounding yourself with stuff that has become a burden, this is the perfect opportunity to let go of the burden and declutter.  After decluttering we have a fresh new appreciation for the good things we surround ourselves with.

Decluttering plan

About six weeks before you need to pack, list all your rooms that you are going to declutter. Give yourself a time limit for each room and do it quickly. Do not spend too much looking at every item and considering whether to keep or not. Keep in mind your fresh new start and only keep items that you use often or you really love to take to your new home.

Into each room take 3 good size boxes with labels of, Keep, Donate/Sell and Throw.

Box  – Keep. Only put in this box items that you need to take to your new home because they add value to your life or they make you smile.

Box  – Donate / Sell. Put in this box anything that can be used again and is too good for rubbish tip.

Box 3 – Throw Anything broken or fit for rubbish tip goes in this box. Don’t be tempted to reopen this box just get it straight to the tip.

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