Helping kids settle at a new address

Moving can be hard on kids. Help them to come to terms with the move and to feel excited about it. Talk to them to ensure they understand the reasons for the move. Ask them about their concerns and provide reassurance.

Tell the kids about the advantages of the new move. Maybe there is a bigger yard or a pool, park or playground nearby. Find out if there are other kids of a similar age near your new home who can be future friends. Are their sports teams or clubs your children can join. Create a vision of a new happy life for your children at the new location.
Encourage your kids to think about their new rooms. This a fresh start for them too. They can plan their new rooms. Ask them for their input into the paint and wall paper choices for these rooms. You can do a great deal to personalise a child’s room without spending too much.

3 steps to move house without stress

Tip 1: Get an early start to planning

There is nothing more stressful than trying to plan a move on moving day. Make your preparations as early as you can. We would recommend you start planning at least 4 weeks before moving day. An early start will give you time to fully consider the move, ensuring you will feel confident on moving day.

Tip 2: Give away unwanted items

Don’t spend time and money moving items unwanted items. Consider donating or giving away any items you don’t want or no longer need. In the weeks before your move declutter your home, it will make the moving process so much easier.

Tip 3: Start Packing as Soon as Possible

Start packing as soon as possible. Gather your packing materials and pack items that are not in for daily use such as books, picture frames, and ornaments. On moving day you will have much less work to do and you will have plenty of time to think about how each item is packed.

Bonus Tip
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5 time saving tips for moving house

Moving house and all the work involved in packing can be stressful and time consuming. We can help. With our 5 top tips, you can save time and reduce the stress involved in moving house.
Being well organised is the key to our efficiency. At Wemooveit, we take time to consider our preparations. We are well organised for every house removals project. You can be well organised too.
Tip 1 : Look after the little things.
Use small bags and containers to save all the small bolts, screws and other parts from dismantled furniture. If you can store this container in or attached to the furniture it came from.
Tip 2: Secure your cabinet doors and drawers
Use cellophane wrap (cling film). Wrap it around your furniture a few times. This will keep the doors from flying opening and drawers and interior shelves from falling out. If you wrap the entire piece of furniture, it will be better protected against scuffs and scrapes.
Packing Hack #1 Colour-coding or Post-it note descriptions:
It sounds pretty simple, but colour coding and post-it notes can go a long way in terms of organisation.
Grab some different coloured stickers or even different coloured permanent markers, and then colour-code your cartons by room.
For example, blue for all of your kitchen cartons and red for the bathrooms.
Don’t forget to make yourself a colour-coded sheet for reference.
It will make it easier to pack and to unpack.
If you only have plain coloured post-it notes handy, you can still easily reference what is inside the box by labelling them with rooms of the house.
Tip 3: reinforce your packing boxes
Your items may be heavier than you think and standard packing boxes often inadequate. Using packing tape, reinforce your packing boxes. Remember to fill any gaps in packing boxes with scrunched up paper, this will prevent your items from being damaged as they move around.
Tip 4: take photos before disconnecting electronics
Reconnecting the cables to your tv, tv boxes and audio systems, etc is rarely straight forward. Take photos and use colour coding to enable you to quickly reconnect these items in their new locations
Tip 5: Bonus tip
Hiring a Doncaster removals to help you move house is a great idea. We can take away the stress and hassle for you and we are very affordable.